Season 1 Edit



1a Pink Up the Volume

1b Zeus Juice

1c A Pink and Stormy Night

2a Pink Hi-Tops

2b Land of the Gi-Ants

2c Pink Thumb

3a Pink Magic

3b Party Animals

3c Pink n Putt

4a Pinxillated

4b Zoo Ruse

4c The Spy Wore Pink

5a Remotely Pink

5b I Didn't See That Coming

5c The Pink Party of One

6a Pink Pool Fool

6b The Aardvark's New Moves

6c The Mighty Pinkwood Tree

7a Pink Suds & Clean Duds

7b Dog Daze

7c The Pink Painter Show

8a Cleanliness is Next to Pinkliness

8b Baby Makes Three

8c Pinkazoic Era

9a Pinkaroni Pizza

9b Find Your Own Ant

9c Gold, Silver, Bronze, Pink

10a Life in the Pink Lane

10b Mitey Blue instruamental

10c Wild Pinkdom

11a Knights in Pink Armor

11b Grampy's Visit

11c Itching to Be Pink

12a Pink Pink Pink Pink

12b Spaced Out

12c Shop-Pink Spree

13a Pink Beard

13b One Small Step for Ant

13c Chilled to the Pink

14a The Pink is in the Mail

14b Aard Fu

14c Pink's Peak

15a And Not a Drop to Pink

15b Ant Arctic

15c Pink on the Canvas

16a Pink or Consequences

16b Z is for Aardvark

16c Pink Me Out to the Ball Game

17a Make Pink Not War

17b Pick a Caardvark

17c Pink Stink

18a Pink Trek

18b One Too Many Chefs

18c Pink Kahuna

19a Enchanted Pinkdom

19b Eli the Aardvark

19c Stop Pink for Directions

20a Frosted Pink

20b AardvARK

20c Pink! Pow! Kaboom!

21a A Fairly Pink Pumpkin

21b If Wishes Were Ants

21c Pink on the Hoof

22a The Pink, the Bad, and the Ugly

22b Anti-Ant Trance

22c Shorely Pink

23a Pink on the Pitch

23b Happy Hunting

23c Catching Forty Pinks

24a A Pinker Tomorrow

24b An Awful Aardvark

24c Pinkular Mechanics

25a Note-Ably Pink

25b Shutter Bugged

25c Astro Pink

26a A Pink in Time

26b Quitting Time

26c Reel Pink