the episode starts with aardvark trying to grab ant. then he mentions aardvarks eat ants. then aardvark asks himself why is ant the only one he can catch. ant asks aardvark if he can eat something else. ant pushes a pile of food and fruit. then starts throwing them at aardvark's face. ant goes online on goober. aardvark sneaks up then puts his mouth at the laptop then electrocutes himself. meanwhile at jungle chef. mockingbird mike was the host. it was a 1 on 1 competion. ant vs googoo croc. ant said he was steaming. aardvark liked what ant said. googoo croc said that ant will be toasted. aardvark questioned himself like... toast an ant? then at the end aardvark had a bite of garlic. ant mockingbird mike and googoo croc said eeek. aardvark says my diet is ruined.


Mockingbird Mike is the host of the cook off.