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The serie's first logo.

Pink Panther and Pals is a comedy TV show that aired on Cartoon Network. It features the Pink Panther and his friends. The show also features segments of The Ant and the Aardvark


    • The Pink Panther: The protagonist of the series. He's a cool and collected character who always seems to rub Big Nose the wrong way. As in the classic series, he is, for the most part, a silent protagonist.
    • Big Nose: Based on the original "Little Man" from the classic series. He is the neighbor of the Pink Panther and is not fond of him at all. He always ends up being upstaged by the Pink Panther in everything he tries to do where he got the Pink Panther back instead). He's depicted as short, with a big nose and a moustache, and is plain white in color. He has a pet dog that, like his master, is not fond of the Pink Panther at all.
    • Hoarse: The Pink Panther's horse, based on a horse that gave him trouble in several cartoons of the classic series.
    • Dog: Big Nose's dog. Like his master, he is a plain white color and not very outstanding. He is not fond of the Pink Panther, and is not afraid of showing his displeasure.
    • Ant: A small red ant, and one of the titular characters of the "Ant and the Aardvark" sketches. He is quite sharp and intelligent, and like real-life ants, is physically very strong, being able to carry objects many times his weight.
    • Aardvark: A blue aardvark, and the second of the titular characters of the "Ant and the Aardvark" sketches. Like real aardvarks, he wants to eat the Ant. He's a sly, sneaky character, and appears to have awareness of the fourth wall; he frequently addresses the audience of what's going on.
    • Eli: An elephant, Eli is friends with the Ant, protecting him from the Aardvark.
    • Mockingbird Mike: A mockingbird, cooking show host, and sometimes friend to Ant, Aardvark, and Eli.

Changes from the original Pink PantherEdit

Many changes were introduced to the series from the original series. Some of the biggest changes is that Pinky seems to be downaged to a teenager, the Ant has a different voice than in the original series, and the Little Man is renamed to Big Nose.